Charing capacitor curve fitting in matlab

How to get the time constant and the amplitude of a charging capacitor? In this example I’ll show you how to estimate the two parameters in matlab. We know that the curve follows an exponential function: v(t) = A*(1-exp(-t*b))   The first thing we do, is to generate a data set:

we add some … [Read more…]

Counter Strike 1.6 Launcher wine


Ubuntu Eagle CAD desktop entry


ZHAW add a printer on Ubuntu

Log in to smb:// via nautilus (ctrl + L) and save your credentials forever (I think this is needed in order to be able to access to the printer, set the Domain to ZHAW) In System Settings -> Printers add a new printer From “Network Printer” select “Windows Printer via SAMBA” Add the URL of … [Read more…]

Blaue Cumulus Bons selber ausdrucken

Verlorene Cumulus Bons selber ausdrucken: Sich auf der Cumulus Plattform einloggen Unter “Blaue Cumulus-Bons” die Nummer des Bons kopieren Auf dieser Webseite die Nummer des Bons ins “Data” Feld einfügen Bei Barcode den Typ “Code-2of-5 Interleaved” auswählen DPI auf 300 erhöhen (sicherheitshalber) Barcode generieren lassen und herunterladen Ausdrucken auf zirka 4 cm Länge

Pomodoro Timer PCB

Yey! the PCB has arrived I wrote a little timer software and it seems to work. It’s a little bit a messy code, I think I’ll rewrite someday when I’ll have some spare time (using my little MSP430 OS I’ve written some time ago). I noticed that with my choice of LED + Resistors, the … [Read more…]

octave sample file

Here I want to put a sample octave file which contains some of the most common used stuff.

python bit manipulations

Let’s assume that we have a bytearray ba composed of 2 bytes

In our example the first bit indicates the sign (0: positive, 1: negative) of our number. The following 7 bits are the LSB, the last 8 bits are the MSB: s(1b), L(7b), M(8b). Our converted number is then: s(+,-) ((M