\LaTeX plots from CSV files with pgfplots

First of all we need a CSV file. I have one in which the third column (beginning to count at 0) contains time values and the fourth one contains some time dependent data. Then we need to make sure that the packages pgfplotstable and pgfplots are installed. The former is needed to read CSV files and the latter ... [Read more...]

Charging capacitor curve fitting in matlab

How to get the time constant and the amplitude of a charging capacitor? In this example I'll show you how to estimate the two parameters in matlab. We know that the curve follows an exponential function:   The first thing we do, is to generate a data set:

we add some noise to the ... [Read more...]

Counter Strike 1.6 Launcher wine


Ubuntu Eagle CAD desktop entry


ZHAW add a printer on Ubuntu

Log in to smb://panther.zhaw.ch via nautilus (ctrl + L) and save your credentials forever (I think this is needed in order to be able to access to the printer, set the Domain to ZHAW) In System Settings -> Printers add a new printer From "Network Printer" select "Windows Printer via SAMBA" Add the URL of ... [Read more...]

Blaue Cumulus Bons selber ausdrucken

Verlorene Cumulus Bons selber ausdrucken: Sich auf der Cumulus Plattform einloggen Unter "Blaue Cumulus-Bons" die Nummer des Bons kopieren Auf dieser Webseite die Nummer des Bons ins "Data" Feld einfügen Bei Barcode den Typ "Code-2of-5 Interleaved" auswählen DPI auf 300 erhöhen (sicherheitshalber) Barcode generieren lassen und herunterladen Ausdrucken auf zirka 4 cm Länge

Pomodoro Timer PCB

Yey! the PCB has arrived I wrote a little timer software and it seems to work. It's a little bit a messy code, I think I'll rewrite someday when I'll have some spare time (using my little MSP430 OS I've written some time ago). I noticed that with my choice of LED + Resistors, the ... [Read more...]

octave sample file

Here I want to put a sample octave file which contains some of the most common used stuff.